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about us

Welcome to Ready Preschool!

Ready preschool offers an extraordinary dual-language program that provides balanced and high-quality care to each of our children.  We deeply understand the importance of a strong foundation from an early age and we are committed to inspire each child to become confident, positive, expressive and intelligent individuals.


We believe that these 3 principles are critical for early education:




For over 10 years, we have created a loving, supportive, social and academic environment that meets the educational, social, physical and emotional needs of our children.


Parents are essential for the success of the program, we enthusiastically invite you to be part of the community! With our talented and experienced teach, responsive and caring management, we will do everything we can to earn your trust.


Please explore our school and ask questions. You will find out that our school is the place for your child to learn and flourish. We are very grateful for your participation!

psychological safety

Dynamic learning

connection to the world


If you have questions not addressed on our website, please call our School Office, at 408-659-8462 or email us directly at

Our Mission

Ready Preschool is committed to provide a safe, dynamic and social environment to all our children so they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


With more than ten-years experience working with bilingual children in Silicon Valley, our program provides excellent academic education, promotes positive and respectful attitude, encourages value, love and joy. We strive to make sure all students to have the foundation to achieve life successes.

Our Value
  • Love and nurture our children;

  • Create a safe space;

  • Know who you are;

  • Express yourself;

  • Trust and respect each other;

  • Appreciate what’s around you;

  • Inspire the motivation to learn;

  • Cultivate valuable lifelong skill sets;

  • Build collaborative parent-school community;

  • Embrace joy.

Our Practice

Start from the beginning,

  • We offer a safe and loving environment for all children. Our staff integrate social-emotional learning, such as compassion, balance, and empathy, into our daily activities.

  • We support and guide all our children, encourage them to discover and express themselves, as well as build a healthy connection to the world.

  • We train our teacher to be observing, role-modeling, facilitating, coaching, advocating, and improving at all times.

  • We have a proven curriculum to foster passion for learning, and cultivate children’s innate curiosity.

  • We focus on the foundational skill sets essential for developing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

  • We uphold high academic expectations for language and literacy, cognition, mathematics, social science, arts, health and physical development.

  • We provide dual language and multicultural programs to give our children a deeper understanding of the diversity of the world.

  • We committed to open communication with parents and invite parents to join all the school events.

  • We equip our children with motivation, resilience and a growth mindset to meet the challenges of their generation.

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